Alongside my day work as a Service Designer I like to get involved in other projects to help extend and share my skills. Here are a few of the things i’m currently involved with:

Kit and Caboodle Parties Logo
Kit and Caboodle Parties is an online retailer run by my wife and her business partner. I’ve worked closely with them to refine and develop the proposition and built and maintain the website.  Working with them has been a great experience, leveraging my service design and UX skills as well as allowing me to learn loads through the process of setting up the website, developing the branding, doing photoshoots and creating a social media strategy.

Leading Design and UX london
For the last few years I have volunteered at both UX London and Leading Design. These are amazing conferences with a very high calibre of speakers and workshops. Both are run by the super folks at Clearleft.
I’ve found that volunteering at conferences has been an amazing way to learn about the latest thinking across the industry and also build a really great network of like minded people.