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Setting expectations when transitioning to Agile

One of the most important steps when embarking on a transition to Agile is to set expectations for what it actually means, how it will change what the team does and how this will impact the business. Stakeholders will have had a variety of experiences of Agile, ranging from those that have never heard of it to those that have… Read more →

Beware – ‘We are Agile’

A phrase I’ve heard a number of times within enterprise organisations is a confident statement of ‘Oh yeah, our teams are all Agile’. This generally fills me with dread, given my experiences of Agile adoption in enterprise organisations. In general is covers up a lack of understanding of what Agile development is about or worse a lack of understanding of… Read more →

UX London 2015 – A (not-so) brief summary

I haven’t had a lot of time to write lately, but finally managed to summarise some key points from UX London 2015, which was held at the Laban Centre in Greenwich. I’ve also linked to my sketchnotes which provide more info. All the pictures I took are on my flickr page Wednesday – Product Day: Julie Zhuo (Head of product… Read more →