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Robot Thinking

Incorporating AI into design – a framework of considerations

Just recently I’ve been doing some work which involves incorporating AI into design. As part of this work, and because of a broader interest I’ve been doing quite a lot of research and thinking around how we can approach the use of AI type technologies within design work. Before we get started I want to clarify that I use ‘AI’… Read more →

Design for Artificial Intelligence

I’m currently working on a set of design principles when incorporating AI technologies into your design work. Over time I will add a lot more detail to this, but for now here are the high level points: 1) Design for People, not AI 2) Design for Delight (probably to be renamed ‘transparent value’) 3) Design for Failure 4) Design for… Read more →

Indie Game: The Movie – Lessons in delivering great products

I recently got round to watching Indie Game: The Movie. First and foremost, this is a great documentary about Indie Game development, it gives an insight into the intense world of game development and shows what small passionate teams can achieve. It covers three games, with in-depth interviews with the teams creating them and showing the journey from start through… Read more →

5 tips for getting User stories to the right size

One issue I often see in Agile is user stories that aren’t sized appropriately. This can cause issues in completing within a sprint and can create large fluctuations in velocity. It often results in items that are poorly defined and estimated. All of this causes problems for delivery quality. Remember, user stories should always take the format: As a <user… Read more →

Soren Kierkengaard

An Existential approach to Product Management

It’s amazing how many different disciplines have applications in the world of software development and product delivery. I’ve just finished a book about a philosopher called Kierkegaard, he lived in Denmark in the early part of the 1800’s and is regarded as the first existentialist. I’ve used some of his ideas to create an existential approach to product management Crucially… Read more →

5 tips for successful process reengineering

Over the years there have been many trends revolving around the Six Sigma and Lean methodologies. These methodologies can be hugely successfully in achieving improvements in processes, however too often I have seen them fail because they tend to focus on iteratively improving the existing process towards a better outcome. *I should caveat that I’m not an expert in these… Read more →

Why aren’t offices more like classrooms

My 8 year old daughter recently asked me what I’d been doing at work, and I showed her some pictures I’d take in the ‘War Room‘ being used for work in my organisation (unfortunately I can’t post the pics for commercial reasons). Her first comment was ‘Oh, that looks like my classroom at school’. This got me thinking about the… Read more →

Tips on carrying out User Research

User research was the focus of a recent London Product Tank meetup. There were 3 inspiring speakers as always so I thought I’d summarise the key themes I noted and add some thoughts of my own. 1. Do it, some is better than nothing. A key theme from every presentation or article I’ve read about user research is that no matter… Read more →

Everything a priority? – Techniques for prioritisation

Are your stakeholders telling you everything is a priority? Here’s an approach for prioritisation. It was my final term at university and getting close to exam time. I was in a revision class for one of my courses when the professor told us to focus on the topic he had just covered as it was likely to appear in the… Read more →

The Product Vision Workshop

A quick and simple way to get a clear vision for a product to be developed is to use Roman Pichler’s Vision board as part of a product vision workshop. I won’t describe the contents in detail here as there are plenty of good posts about it elsewhere, my focus is more on how I go about completing the board using a… Read more →