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How AI Built this

In August 2020, I was interviewed for the How AI built this podcast. Liam and I discussed my overall career trajectory, experience in large corporates and in the consulting world solving problems using data and AI Listen to the podcast from your favourite podcast app or here on spotify:

Using the GDS Agile process for Artificial Intelligence Innovation

Developing solutions using artificial intelligence techniques should be treated much more like an iterative experimental process than a traditional software development project. In many cases the certainty of the outcome can’t be confirmed until a model has been built, trained and evaluated. Because of this many organisations do not have existing methodology suitable for this […]

Indie Game: The Movie – Lessons in delivering great products

I recently got round to watching Indie Game: The Movie. First and foremost, this is a great documentary about Indie Game development, it gives an insight into the intense world of game development and shows what small passionate teams can achieve. It covers three games, with in-depth interviews with the teams creating them and showing […]

5 tips for getting User stories to the right size

One issue I often see in Agile is user stories that aren’t sized appropriately. This can cause issues in completing within a sprint and can create large fluctuations in velocity. It often results in items that are poorly defined and estimated. All of this causes problems for delivery quality. Remember, user stories should always take […]

An Existential approach to Product Management

It’s amazing how many different disciplines have applications in the world of software development and product delivery. I’ve just finished a book about a philosopher called Kierkegaard, he lived in Denmark in the early part of the 1800’s and is regarded as the first existentialist. I’ve used some of his ideas to create an existential […]

5 tips for successful process reengineering

Over the years there have been many trends revolving around the Six Sigma and Lean methodologies. These methodologies can be hugely successfully in achieving improvements in processes, however too often I have seen them fail because they tend to focus on iteratively improving the existing process towards a better outcome. *I should caveat that I’m […]