2020 Saved Articles

2020 Saved Articles

As part of my to-do list, I’ve been cleaning up all the internet links I’ve saved this year and thought I’d share a few choice picks of them here. These are mostly useful articles I’ve referred to multiple times since finding them and hope they are useful. There are also a couple of links to work I’ve done too.

Design Fiction / Speculative Design:

I find design fiction, and the broader space of speculative design, really thought-provoking and think it is increasingly important in helping us create a better future. Personally, my work is more focused on speculative design as a step towards strategic action, which draws as much on Business School Strategic theory as the work of speculative designers. However, finding ways to bring this way of thinking into my work is something I always aim for.

2020 has made this particularly challenging. I was halfway through a speculative futures project when the UK went into lockdown and what had previously seemed like sci-fi had quickly become reality. A year ago, a bottle of National Theatre branded Hand Sanitizer could easily have been seen as a piece of design fiction.

A great primer on design fiction:


Earlier this year I worked with a company based in Beirut, sadly we had to stop the project after their office was destroyed in the blast. This piece was therefore especially thought provoking for me:


Although a couple of years old now, give everything that has happened this year, this piece of work is more relevant than ever:

Mitigation of Shock

While a number of amazing frontline workers have been working incredibly hard this year, most of us have sat around working from home dealing with the mundane reality of lockdown:


And finally, a brief summary of the work I was involved with earlier this year:


Data and AI:

A few links related to data, two are shameless plugs for work I’ve done. The other is some really interesting data from Google which highlights the shift in behaviour as a result of Covid this year.



More Inclusive Design Practice:

I continue to include more inclusive practices and methods into my work and ensure we consider future sustainability. Here are a couple of useful links related to that



This site, from the team at Snook, has been my go-to resource for improving our recruitment process:


Recipes of the year:

Not work-related, but thought I’d share these two Vegan recipes which I’ve used heavily this year

And of course, 2020 wouldn’t have been the same without homemade Sourdough!


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