February 2016 - Tom Castle

Month: February 2016

Soren Kierkengaard

An Existential approach to Product Management

It’s amazing how many different disciplines have applications in the world of software development and product delivery. I’ve just finished a book about a philosopher called Kierkegaard, he lived in Denmark in the early part of the 1800’s and is regarded as the first existentialist. I’ve used some of his ideas to create an existential approach to product management Crucially… Read more →

5 tips for successful process reengineering

Over the years there have been many trends revolving around the Six Sigma and Lean methodologies. These methodologies can be hugely successfully in achieving improvements in processes, however too often I have seen them fail because they tend to focus on iteratively improving the existing process towards a better outcome. *I should caveat that I’m not an expert in these… Read more →